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one year together

the batman i love. strongman. heh.

the batman i love. strongman. heh.


i kinda miss my batman. my superman. my spiderman. my STRONGMAN.                                                   

i remember the first time we met. you were so… shy? haha. i remember that i didnt even talked to you. i talked to Lee, i talked to ipin.. i talked to Man. but you? you were so quiet. but i remember you were the first to catch my eye. :p

anyways, that was like november 2006. haha. we didnt even talked to each other. until, my last day of work. you asked for my number. heh. so brave huh? and then.. we got close…

yep, our first 3 months was like a honeymoon – though i do not know the feeling of honeymoon coz i have not had honeymoon yet – but it was, er, very sweet?

and then came th worst. the period after 3 months – till now – are so challenging. i was about to give up on you. but i hold on. and to me, it was worth it.

dearest, you have been great, and bad for me. you taught me about the real life. seriously. i am not a spoilt brat but i suppose my life was very good. compared to yours back then. i love your stories by the wayy.

i hope we’ll stay together till the end. if God permits. 🙂

sometimes, to be frank, i did feel insecure of our future if we were to be together someday. i dont know what makes me feel better, but after some time i’ll just let the feeling away and trust that you’ll take good care of me.

happy 1st year anniversary, sweetheart. i’ll love you, just like always.


January 17, 2009 - Posted by | other events

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