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once upon a time


3rd from left: the girl.


today is 19th january.

i have a friend, who has nearly the same name as me. we were quite close back then. she was even willing to share her sister with me. how cool is that. so we were very close friends. i am Zuliana. she is Suriana.

today, she turned 20. sorry dear, no more ‘teen’ for you. (ok though soon i will be one too.)

su, i share a wonderful friendship with you. and i miss that. i wonder why we’re far apart now. but you know, i’ll still be the same. i’ll still be here if you need me ok. happy 20th birthday! all the best from me.


January 19, 2009 - Posted by | other events

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  1. Hey Zul…
    TanX sO mUch 4 WrItiNg Dis oN Ur bLog…itS GooD,wonDerFul N appReciaTe iT!!!

    heY doNt ThiNk abOut anYthIng iN tHE paSt…lEt iT Go…
    noW we Re iN yR 2009…anYthIng CaN B HappEN wE CanT stOp It…

    ok EnUf…
    agReed…I hv a WonDerfUl frenDShip wIt u 2…n noW i StiLL bAreLy Know abOut Ur so caLLed ‘MooD sWing’??
    sOmetimEs Ok SometImes uh..uh…SorIE Dear…

    oK tiLL Then…SorY AgaIn 4 D LonG coMMent HerE…
    fyi i stIll DuN Hv a BloG yEt..haha
    hOpe OuR FrenShip Will LaSt n GroWn 2 A beAutiful 1 soMedaY…

    Comment by suriana | January 20, 2009 | Reply

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