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mr cough please go away

hello ppl. i am very weak now. yep. very. been coughing like nobody’s business. i hate taking the public transport because the people around me will be irritated when i cough and cough and cough.

sm said, “oi, batok kering tu. g makan obat. nnt kuar darah.”

and… 5 mins later,… i coughed like too much, i went to the ladies, and cough at the sink, and yes, blood! ya Allah.. kenape lah aku ni stubborn sgt??

and then… my throat started to like feel the pain pain pain. serious. sekarang nk batok pon pikir due kali. asal nk batok je g dapor amek air minum. then tkkn lah dlm mrt nk minum je air? kalau air da abez? mintak org? klaka pe?

on wednesday, i finished my stage 1 driving. and then went for final theory evaluation. but then i didnt go to sch for nahu sarf. coz that was when the blood cam out from my throat to my mouth. like seriously, saket sangat. so ppl if i dont graduate, then too bad. i was about to go. sm was very worried so sm accompanied me to driving and home. ergh. i hate it when i am such a trouble to sm. pity him.

so i am not talking too much either. thanks eh mr cough. and… oh i hate pms also! grr.

oh btw, while i was driving, i nearly hit a car on the right lane as i was about to avoid collision with a big lorry. grr. thank god i passed my stage 1! i forgot to check right mirror but if i were to check, i have to avoid the lorry kan?? so… yah. alhamdulillah i am fine right now. it was quite a heart attack. and after that, my cough attacked me. drive only 30kmh on a 60kmh road. coz i have to drink a lot. mr cute intructor(the first time who instructed me gave his ‘just bought mineral water’ to me. :))

heh. ok ok. need to take the medicine now. need a lott of rest. grr. bye ppl. take care of ur health. again i am saying, dont be like me. menyusahkn mak bpk je tak abez2 nk g beli kan obat! haiya!

ok la. bye.

oh btw, bro treated us to “eatzi” last monday. i think in total it was about $180. oh i have a cool bro. haha. syg abg!

and sm, thnx. 🙂  u know what the thanks is for. lalalalala.


January 22, 2009 - Posted by | random

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