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kk fine. 3rd post. i cant sleep coz my cough irritates me even more when i lie down. so,.. here i am.. stared at my phone for a while, while waiting for sm to call. then i thought of remincsing (haha) all the phone i had used. heh. till today. since i was 12.


below: ericsson T10.  is my first ever phone. classic isnt it? this is the one, confiscated by a teacher of mine, while we were reading our prayers before the school starts. coz it rings. i forgot to silent mode it, and hem, it wasnt the time hp was allowed in irsyad. haha.



above: nokia 3210. my 2nd phone. used it while i was in sec1 if i am not wrong. heh. super big. it is still in my drawer. and when i switched it on now, it blink2. haha. miss this old hp coz the alarm clock is super loud. and it is bulky. therefore i wont forget about it wherever i went. hehe.


below: nokia 3610. used by big bro first. for almost 2 years. then he gave it to me. pfft. but this one, the alarm clock is more irritating than the previous one, haha. i liked this one, though.



below: nokia 3220. 1st camera phone of mine. was indeed a famous and highly recommended phone! it got 4 blinking lights at the side. friends called it ‘ah-beng phone’. haha. i loved it. and this is the one who made me what i am today: a camwhore.



below: sony ericsson w810i. 1st sony ericsson phone. walkman series! since using it, i am so much addicted to sony ericsson and promised i wont change to another brand as long as i want. haha. really. loved it even more. 2 years of usage. but now…. it died… 😦



below: my current phone. sony ericsson k800i with additional vodafone series. 3.2 mp. loved it. but am going to change to new one soon. heh.



so… how? impressive? no. sm has exactly 10 phones in a yr. phone addict. tsktsk. *shakes head*

haha. well, thats all. 🙂

bye ppl.


January 22, 2009 - Posted by | random

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