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“macam budak2 ah… bile nak fikir macam orang dewase ni..? bile nak jadi orang dewase ni..?”

childish i am. you pampered me too much, dear. heh. once you heard me coughing non-stop, you turned back and walked towards me. took the water bottle and feed me. ok. nothing much to say. ily.


anyways people. i am at stage 2.04 already. went for lesson. was late again. and the instructor is the same. suffiyan. heh. so he told me he is the team leader for the group instructor. oh ok.same comment given. my left turn sucks. i always forgot to check left blindspot. grr. but he told me my lane change is as smooth as silk. lol. yey to me!

and and, today’s car is super gerek. it is honda city brand new, latest model. very smooth lah sey. i loike!! heh. feel die lain sey bile bwk… best banget!!! but brake die sikit punye sensitive!! ok la. i like i like!! and… something happened… not going to tell here. hehehe. kn ct kn? lol.

okla. dats all. to sm. call me soon!!!!!! ergh. to all, take care!


January 23, 2009 - Posted by | random

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