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my future. my parents. and my siti.

salamz to all.

i may be quite busy from now on. since i have already started to really focus on my future. i need to this. for myself. for my parents. i hope they will understand. hope so.

anyways, been researching for the whole thing since yesterday. i’ve decided. but yet to discuss with parents. i really really hope they agree. i know, its damn challenging especially i’ll be on my own all the way. but i know i can. like syaz said, i’ve survived ste. i’ve survived o lvl. i survived life in irsyad. sure i can now. yes. but only the last two years, i’ve wasted it. too bad. time wont be compensated. so from now on, i am sure going to do this. like i’ve said, i need to.

i know, its quite impossible. i dont know why i have this feeling. this feeling to rediscover myself. to repeat everything. i like it this way. rather than… people look down on me. they already looked down on me.

so.. will be going to irsyad this coming friday. other than visiting the new school together with the rest, i would like to discuss with my beloved teachers. they’ll surely lead me to a good conclusion. yep. i need them.

so… yah. thats about it in my life. its quite late for me to do this. but its better late than never.

oh. yes.



happy anniversary to mum and dad. tomorrow is their 29th years of marriage.

i cant express the feelings i have for them. they are just the most wonderful people i have in my life. and so far, nothing can trade for that. even sm is not eligible. hah. yg penting, i love you both the most!! thank You Allah, for giving me such a great great parents. really. i mean it. 🙂 ❤


 siti amirah.

happy 20th birthday dear. you turn 20 at midnight. i know you’re in bangkok right now. i’ll msg u tomorrow k. :p

anyways, may you have all the happiness in life, and i pray for you succes.

love you lots. mmmmuaaaakkksss. with this, i end my post. salams to all.



January 24, 2009 - Posted by | other events

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