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long post. :)

hey all.

today was not even better for me. i dont know lah ehk.

first, my driving sucks. again. ok. it was totally my fault for forgetting my blind-spot checking. like 99% of all the time. so i was called lazy. because i didnt check blind-spot. grrrrr! pffftt!! but in the end, the instructor told me, “dont be demoralised for whatever i said just now. u looked so different after i told u that. its not that i dont like your driving. just remember, fail to check blindspot means 2 points. if u fail to check blindspot all throughout your test?”

ok2.. i know. i was quite emotional. hah. a friend told me, “there will come a period which makes you demoralised to drive. but you have to go on. till u got the license in your hand. ”  and?? no, i wont give up lah kn. like duh. oh btw the instructor directed me all the way to cck. yayness lah kn. haha.

after my lesson, called sm like soo many times ok. grr. to shorten up the story, met sm at harbourfont(as usual) and went up to level 3 to meet my beloved mum at her workplace. then got free drink as usual. and we went to banquet. and.. of course. we fought. lol. mcm biase lah kn.

while waiting for my mum to end her work at 2pm, sm and me sat outside the old banquet, reminiscing. heh. and then. clara came. oh what. we talked about a year back and blablabla. and then….

i had really bad bad and i mean it, very bad stomachache. like seriously. went to the ladies. but nothing came out. and then i felt like vomitting and yeah. i vomitted out everything that i ate. ergh. i hate vomits. eww. then my stomach played a very rocking sound, asking for another meal. grr. such a waste to the chicken rice i’ve vomitted out. and then… had slight fever and headache. grrrr. ya Allah…. whats wrong with me? soon after that, went to the ladies again and.. just sit there alone. crying. headache. stomachache. and i just cant eat. sigh.

mum offered me ice-cream. hah. for the first time ever in my whole life, i turned down mum’s offer. ok gotta tell something. sm was watching ppl at the banquet and saw a man, who usually comes to banquet. and sm greet that man. and he was asked many things. he told sm to work with him. haha! ok what. then he looked at me. and asked.

“awak pulak? tk keje? tk skola?”

i replied, ” tk. both tk.”


“tnggu A results yg mungkin kene retake. hee.”

“o lvl brape?brape L1R4? brp credit?”

“19. 7.”

“ok. wait. let me go smoke first. then.. lets talk to my boss. ”

and blablabla. was interviewed mcm2. and, he offered me a secretary job.hah?????? aku punye mls nk dok office!!!!!!! favour ah. i want some energetic works! haha. tk reti bersyukur aku nie! so esok i have to go somewhere. after my driving. and before going to MADRASAH AL-IRSYAD AL-ISLAMIAH. heh. 🙂

anyways. ppl. whoever wants to join. u all go first. need to come down for job interview tomorrow. heh.

oh. im tired. bye ppl.


January 29, 2009 - Posted by | other events

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