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rising after i fall deeply

salams to all.

in our everyday life, we tend to forget little little things that actually make our life more to near perfect. i do. i forgot the people around me who cares for me. i forgot the people who wouldnt want me to drown or fall. and of course, being a human being, that is, normal.

unlike a person i know, whom i wont mention the name because it is unappropriate i think because nobody who reads my blog know her(anyone read my blog??), is so unsure about who the guy standing all by her side always. and lets say, i pity that guy? coz he was really into her. always. in the past. now. and will be. i dont know what obsession he had for her, but i certainly understand that feeling. let me tell you something, just forget her will you? like seriously, she is so over you, you get me? grr. and guess what? she’ll go to you when she have problems with whoever the hell. yah. please. cant u see that? (this is so weird)

ok2. back to my stuffs before people say i am a busybody. my day has been, usual. hanging out with sm most of the time. cant wait for sm’s payday coz we will be going for our special date dinner. lets say this out loud, “yahoooooooooooooo” haha.

oh and, sent beloved ustazah rozanna off to syam. oh god. i miss tuqa. hee. and of course, i miss sazah too. she is just a wonderful person. she helped me a lot. zah.. if you read this… i really appreciate what you have done to me. though i still have not make you proud. yet. zah, your last words at the airport really make me think back about everything. i know. it was my big mistake. but thanks to you, i moved on. zah, kalau sazah belom tahu, saye graduate tau. sadly, you wont be there to watch us up on stage. and we wont be so happy either. because all along, in our journey, you make us strong. you motivated us while we were down. while i was down. thank you is NOT enough. really. syg sazah sangat.


oh saye suke sangat tgk tuqa. tuqa is sooooo cute la. zah kalau tuqa buat hal, in case zah mcm mls nk lyn die, zah hantar die balek singapore, hantar kt address saye k? tk jauh ngan rumah yg hari tu zah buat bday party die la. serious. saye tunggu bwh block. lol.

ok. speaking of graduation, it feels not right to graduate. i didnt study for everything. i was either damn sick, or damn lazy. as friends said, “zul, u r born a person who will pass exams.”

that, adds fear into me. will i pass everything in life? without putting in much effort? if thats the case, i am a loser. grr. though i dont think my results is satisfying, but here again, i thank God. The Almighty. with Him, everything is possible. thank You Allah.

for some reason, i am stronger by now. i dont think i’ll be going to mesir though. because i fear, i will repeat the same mistakes again. i fear i wont take good care of my health again. i fear i wont be able to be strong facing the challenges again. so.. yah. i am repeating my a levels. with maths and H2 geog. insyaAllah. i am not so sure if i’ll take arabic and Syariah and Usuluddin. oh yes. BMC is so expensive lah seh. grr. i’ll try stalford. lets see how.

i’m done. oops. not yet. yesterday was the worst driving day. i was clueless why i keep repeating the same mistakes. till mr suffiyan was really really damn mad at me. boleh nampak seh die marah giler. sorry la…. i know you want me to proceed to the next stage fast,.. i dont know either why i was like that. lupe nk bace bismillah gaknye. maybe.

ok. now i am done. bye people. take care. 🙂


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  1. adoi adoi adoi. sedihnye tgk gambar sazah ngn tuqa. seriously, rindu maotttt..

    Comment by atiqahxx | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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