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salamz to all.

yesterday, ct called me, asking me to relief at IRSYAD. but too bad, i was not free. alarrrr.. i was so eager at first, but due to my commitment to driving lessons, i cant. i dont have lessons in the morning. but i have practice for FTT. so.. yeah. anyways, had my first night driving. before driving, mum asked to go with her to lucky plaza just to eat ayam penyet. so much for ayam penyet. i was damn late. and then.. i got sick. sudden fever. my body temperature was 38.4degress celcius mind you. but i felt so cold throughout the day. i cant even enter before driving. lucky mr husry was kind enough to reduce to the very minimum temperature. eh, maximum lah. heh.

so.. lesson ends at 9:45pm. drove all the way down to upper bukit timah road. heh. he said to me, “tempting nk suruh awk try roundabout kt newton. kalau lesson 3 jam, dah suruh dari tadi.”

haha. i love every lesson of his. coz he always bring me further and further. (in this matter, i bring him lah, he direct me) lol.

and then.. bro fetched me from BBDC. and he told me he saw my right turn and my u-turn. and he said it was very bad. eh, konghasam. the instructor never commented like that seh! grr. to think that he followed me all the way! haha. funny lah u bro.

and reached my yishun house before 11pm. and mum asked to take panadols after my dinner. and then. i realised i was sleeping all the way till 10am. haha. the headache still there. fever now recovering. 37degrees. not sure if it will decrease. grr. and as soon as i woke up, i realised today is 5february. today is cristiano ronaldo’s bday! happy bday darling! lol.

and then. the thought of 7feb is coming really freaks me out. i havent bought my YELLOW scarf. oooooooooo oooooooo! the most hatest colour of all. i dont like yellow since i watched power rangers you know. and yes, i like pink then. hehe. and now, i have to wear a yellow scarf which doesnt suit my dark face. arghhhH!!!!!! asal tk white????????? or pink?? 😉

ok. thats all. till i blog again. adioz. amiqoz. saye berambos.


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  1. please eh zul. jangan pakai striking yellow eh zul :p

    Comment by atiqahxx | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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