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whats wrong?

i realised people tend to forget or neglect their old time friends when they found new more interesting ones now, whether intentionally or not. i dont have any idea why. i stick to my friends. and i have difficulties mingling around with new bunch of friends, seriously. its not that we do not want to be there for you, but sometimes a person did not even bother to call up their old besties, because ok, it is troublesome for you to call up someone who is busy and not infront of you that minute. but you cant simply neglect ur old besties. or, old friends.

i am not referring to anyone, but simply to let everyone know, you must treasure your old or new friends, and dont even think anyone wont listen to your problems, when you havent call up them yet. ok? get it?

life sucks partially for me now. parents wont be able to come to my grad day. i knew it. its ok though. i’m not taking degree or what pe……….. preu yg tk tau singapore recognized ke tk pe…………………..

full of shit.


February 5, 2009 - Posted by | emotion

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