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i am not sure whether i’ll attend my graduation day. it is, sort of, kind of, a big day. even for myself, who did not study much for it. i am not sure what ‘graduation’ means now. i have no intention of going too. i feel so bad. so awkward.

mum and dad are busy with their work. so, they wont have the time to come to my graduation day. Primary 1, i was awarded as 2nd place in class, they couldnt come, but i knew nothing back then, and so, i dont care.

primary 6, i was top in maths, on stage at MUIS building, and again, parents couldnt come, and nothing much i could do, but pity myself, when i was surrounded by friends who were accompanied by their parents.

secondary 4 & 5, STE and O level years, i dont care either. coz the other parents were mostly not there too. so i dont care.

i am not sure why i am affected by their absence, but i think this could be my last school’s prize-giving ceremony in my life, and they couldnt come to witness it themselves. i am not holding any grudges or what against my two beloved parents, but i am quite disappointed. maybe, because i disappoint them too much.

it will be a miracle if i come tomorrow, mum and dad tag along too. how i wish that will come true.


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  1. but they did 😉

    Comment by atiqahxx | February 10, 2009 | Reply

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