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ok i am not on hiatus

salamz to all.

ok the reason why i said i was on hiatus because i do not have the grad pictures with me yet. heh. oh, btw, mum and dad went to my grad day, at the very last minute (though i still think they planned it just to see my reaction)

cancel that. just to entertain themselves by seeing me acting so surprised and excited. haha. mama, ayah. not funnyy. heh. but they were the sweetest lah kn. though ayah went to work right after the grad thingy on stage ended. grr.

and coz of that, i didnt took pictures with them. but hey, i will keep it at my heart ok. love you both loads and you both know that. mmuaaakksss.

anyways, relief-ed at irsyad was damn tired but, fun. the teachers,(my beloved teachers) are forever friendly and entertaining and funny at times. haha. they were super cool to me and i love them. hah. only that i cant find the time to talk to sm. coz when it was my break time, i either was too tired, or was talking to ct. so, yeah. kids were forever shouting and jumping around like mad, crazy bunches of dwarfs but aside that, i super love teaching those cute aliens. lol. seriously, the kids were soo adorable. especially primary 2 andalusia! lol. ehem ct will know who i am referring to. *winks at ct*

oh and i just think that if ever one day, all the darlings come to irsyad to teach, we’ll be colleagues and it will be super duper fun isnt it? hehe. oh, i am not saying all the teachers now are to retire, they should be our mentor. heh. cool nyerr! sigh. if only.

driving has been, tough? i might say it was fun. but it was also tiring. but i am still super excited about it, so dont get me wrong. passed my Final Theory Test. -fyi, my book was lost a day before and guess what? nope, i have not open the book or flipped any of the pages yet since i passed BTT. lol. so, had fatimah bonch helping me to book 2 practice sessions before my test. and yeah, i passed.

i get scarier day by day when i have not stopped passing every exams i took-without studying. i am not boasting here. frankly, when will i fall? i might not be able to get up and stand on my two feet back later, if i keep passing everything. argh. but on the other side, of course, i love miracles. miracles do happened. -i am not sure it will for a level results coz i struggled much.

anyways, so much of being on hiatus huh. looks like i have to ‘steal’ the graduation pictures from my friends. bye for now. love u all loads.

p/s: is there anything in this world heal the wound in our heart? i might need that soon.

pp/s: and why would i need it?


*oh shuttup.


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