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salam to all. first of all, i had a good day today! ok, i did not celebrate valentine’s day ok? today is just so peaceful. if you know what i mean by that. as early as 8am, i already went out to harbourfront. WAITED for sm to arrive. dingdong! so not cool k.

afterwhich, we went for breakfast at mcd since i have not eat mcd since i got the msg mcd is supporting the israel. ok fine, i somehow ate at mcd just now. kempunan hotcakes sehhhhhh……… kk. 3 bulan ku tk mk mcd lagik k. hee. \

and then sm went to jb. will be back either tomorrow or monday. oh and yes! saw nurathifah md noor at harbourfront. again! haha. utt. asyik nk bertemu kt harbourfront je? kahkah. and we were both wearing the heart-shaped brooch we wore during grad day. and farin also wearing it. hah.

after all that, went to woodlands, looked out for kak farhanah’s belated present. me and mum. oh god. i swear. what we bought for her was the nicest! k bedek ah. but seriously. i loved it. simple. but very elegant. sembonia. asked mum to buy the guess bag. but she refused coz she likes sembonia better. eh, the guess bag is now on sale lah sehhhh. lawa plak tu. pak kal aku tk keje!! lol.

and then, went to cik ana’s house. chatted with my cousin, suzy after quite some time. somehow, i salute her. she is able to cope with all the stress and burden on her. for goodness sake, she is only 18 turning 19 this yr! and yet, her responsibilities are piling up! she got to work. to pay all the bills. the house. her sch fees. oh my god. lyn, patience k? sometimes i am mad at her. coz of some things. but i know, who on earth, 18 years of age, has the same burden as her? i still live depending on my parents’ moneyyyyyyyyy,.. she’s not that sort. she has to work. her mum is working. but she has got to help. her smaller siblings have to go to school. oh my. entahla. Allah, tolong lah suzy k? we cant help that much also…

anyways, driving has been like totally stress and pressure-ing for me. ehehe. i learnt vertical, and parallel parking!!!! oh so the hard. but i didnt brush off any kerbs in any of my trial, and i dont even touch the pole with any part if the car’s body…. i am loving it… instrutor told me he can see me already am comfortable with parking. wahliow! serious ah???? i still feel scary seh. haha.

oh and instrutor Hasrin is going to kill me! i forgot how to vertical parking! ahaha. but after revised it back with instructor amiral, everything comes back to my forgetful head! oh man. zuliana!!! u r not allowed to forget k!!! TP april sehhhhh

okla. till the next post. bye ppl.


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