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i just came back from my driving. i finished stage 3 today so what mr instructor said was,”i think you are a better driver now. from the start. just one thing. be confident. be confident. be confident. ”

fine. i sucks at the confidence part. seriously. i tend to always looked uo to him and wait for his instruction on what to do next. especially for parallel parking which i sucks the most of course. the others are just pretty fine for me. no no. i am very comfortable la i mean. ok so, 5 more lessons, and i’m done for all the course and stages. stage 4 will be all about test thingy and stage 5.01 is my final evaluation before test. then i have to come for revision of course since test date is so far away. hah. april mah..

anyways, i am on hiatus first for driving. till end of february that is. coz like i’ve said, test date is in april. so.. yah. have a break. have a kitkat.

and like i’ve promised, i’ll redo the previous post.

yesterday was fun but lonely for me in irsyad.(AGAIN! I AM NOT CONFIDENT FACING THESE ADULT-TO-BE STUDENTS!) for 6 period i had to ‘invigilate’ the tests classes. so… i was bored and sleepyyy. i nearly dozed off but then i realised i dont want to be like P.Ramlee in Masam Masam Manis. “cikgu suke main bola hari2 cikgu main bola. cikgu da tido, yok kita main.” erk. hah. and then, i walked here and there. sec 3 were all very big already. they are all taller than me. argh! diam! and of course, they are all naughty2 ones but fun. kinda miss my school life in irsyad. we ALWAYS play around. haha. sec 3. remember darlings? we were black-listed class seh. early of sec 3 la. then we started to bond and wallah! we won almost all of the awards school organised. hah. well well. tgk ah sape chairperson. *angkat bakul sendiri.*

so. after the 6 periods i was free till the end of the day. haha. sat at teachers’ room and helped with the markings. cikgu zakiah’s p1 malay test papers. cikgu rumini’s p1 and p2 malay. and mdm hayati’s p5 english. i love marking. hahahah. dulu2 ade jugak berangan mark sane mark sini. lol.

and out i go as soon as clock strucked at 4pm. gave the pass back, sign out at the office and met mum at city hall mrt. went to sm’s working place, bought burger king. and we ate together happily. heh.

and mum and i went back to harbourfront coz ayah reached there already.

and… off to jb lor. what else kn?

so.. yah..

ok. till then. bye people.

p/s: sm is so busy can i kill sm now and put sm beside me?

pp/s: no. i wont. i’ll just kidnapped him. from his work. atleast i am not commiting a murder. hah.


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