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ni entry ke bukan?

salam everyone.

i am so sorry if i didnt reply to any of your messages or calls. hp prepaid was low and, even if itsĀ  not low, it is not with me now. so yeah.

and , i am busy these days. ahaha. work since monday.

and i am really sorry to madr irsyad (miss amnah and ustazah rohana) if i didnt reply or what for the relief teaching. fact is, my hp is not with me now. CT! if you are reading this, do tell them about it k. thanx yar.

grr. i am so tired. bored.

whats life mann???

i miss my own slacking life. ahaha. so much la. gee.

oh and, been eyeing sony ericson c905 since it came out. oh pleassshhhh!!! anyone? nk belikan? advance bday prezzie???

oh and. cant wait for tomorrow. yey. hehehehe. syaz bday celebration.

aku ni blog ke tk ehk. hehe.

k bye. will be back when i am free.


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