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hai everyone.
seems like a decade ago i last typed out here. eheh.
well, worked hard man.

my life has been good and bad of course. good thing is, i managed to earn some pocket money and tried not to burden my mum. secondly, starting from 9 march 2009, i will work permanently as a… heh. cant tell yet for those who dont know. hehehe. thirdly, personal love life has been verrryy good and surprisingly more secured. eheh.
the bad thing is, sm is going back. shooooooootttttttttt! like damn sad lah seh. and i dont know for how long he will be there. he’s homesick lah. but seriously, i cried just now coz it will be my last time seeing him coz i cant see him off at airport because of my stupid planning. gr. gr. gr.
and the thing is, he wont be here with me, during our favourite days which is the march school holidays, AND, MY 20TH BIRTHDAY.
abg……. tkyah balek ah????????????

tomorrow is A-LEVELS result. can u imagine that? and to think i worry other things more than the results is scarier. so scary.

ok now i have to go.
seems i have lost my blogging skills.
bye for now.


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