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scarier than scary

salams to all.

i had a very bad day. well, not because of my results you see.

ok2. A levels? i hoped nobody felt disappointed with me. because i already told my parents, not to hope too much this time round.

before taking the results, while changing, (i was from work). i didnt feel any nervous or whatever. and so, i told my mum about it. i felt sad plus worry plus disappointed coz sm is going back. so results thingy was my last on the list to worry. haha.

while i was on the way to school. called sm.

me: takot arh.. tadi tk rase pape pon. skg mcm dah konfem fail sume..

sm: tk perlu risau. konfem pass. mcm baru je kenal ayang.

me: diam arh. sume ckp gitu.

and then, when i reached school, hasanah told me everyone was crying outside the office. i was brave enough to get my results from the admin and out from the office as soon as possible. i didnt take a look at it till kay asked how was it. and they persuaded me to look at it. and then….

me: ape grade yg pass ah?

them: ABCDE

me: oh. k.

i was very nervous then. coz yes. miracles do happen. i passed. except for islamic law which i obtained an ‘O’ grade. which means i failed in advance level but pass in ordinary level. so.. yah. and i passed GP. oh my malay sux. and arabic was,… whatever too. but i wont dwell so much coz, i dont study anyway. dont believe me? ask sm. i met him almost everyday during the a levels period. and before and after exams. so yeah. above everything, i want to thank Allah for giving me this faith that miracles do happen. and for making miracles happened for me. ok the results was very very bad. but come to think of it.  I DID NOT STUDY u c? so yeah. haha. not boasting. i simply dont know what to say with myself. ‘if i studied…….’

wallahu a’lam.

anyways. i met sm for the last time. it was scary. passed all the things i bought for him and people back in kampong. i had mixed feelings. he promised he’ll come back mid or end of april. i’ll hold on. i’ll wait for you. i keep my promise. i’ll wait. but u have to keep your promise too. u’ll come back.

and so. of course. like a typical girlfriend. i cried. badly. so bad of me. he’s not going to marry someone else kan. he’s going back to meet his mum. dad. families. or dear heart. please. let him go for some time. k?

scary. i hate dealing with feelings.


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