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while you were there.i wish you were here.

salams all.

i am seriously overloaded with work. only 3 days at work and works are piling up. since the previous 2 who were in my position were soooooooooooo ngjrnguvnuigh. haha. so i have to cover everything back. back to square one la kn.

so if you are still confused where am i working. ok i’ll tell. Hanis Montessori Kindergarten. i am now a mudarrisah zuliana. hah. and will be taking diploma in montessori. but well, i am not sure if i am able to commit that much because i want to apply SIM and UM. so…. yeah, we’ll see how it goes…

anyways, teaching is tough la. but the students are very cute. lol. montessori kindergarten is very different from normal kindergartens u c.. here, we have montessori session. very different. while i teach at Hijrah Kindergarten, it was very typical type of singing, rhyming, worksheets and etc. but here, we have exploring and challenging. ok i dont know how to explain.

so tomorrow will be my ‘first day’ without a trainer. so…. wish me luck!

oh anyways, handphone will be in silent mode or switch off because i want to focus teaching. heh.


sm is still in kampong and i am damn bored to the max without him here. without his screaming when i eat choclolates, without his irritating laugh, without our everyday quarrelling, without his annoying funny faces, without him telling me stories(though i doubt about some of the facts haha), without him insisting on meeting everyday, without watching him eat, without his anger when i scream or shout or talk back at him…. without….. him… here by my side………..

i miss you…….. please come back? i know you will………

ok thats all. need to email to head tchr something now. bye for now.

*oh btw, TP test is coming like soon soon soon.!!!

*i miss you very very very very much!


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