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a week after…

salams to all…

a week of training at the west coast centre is very tiring. but, very fun. i just am thankful that west coast’s not much in terms of number of kids overall. we have only around 30 students. so.. yeah. thankful enough that i come onboard.

anyways, i wont be lucky in 3 months time. during june holidays, we’ll be shipping out to choa chu kang. so no more west coast branch. and we are expecting more kids. i really am not sure how to handle crowds. hah. kindergarten is ok, i guess. what bothers me is the explorers and challengers-we call them EC. ergh.

speaking of ECs, i am reminded of haqimi. the afternoon session superstar. he is only 2 yrs old. he can recite alfatihah. he can write his own name. he can recite annas, alikhlas, even to alkauthar. but he always come late. so i asked him.

me: u ah, always come late. u think u are a superstar ek?

haqimi: no!!! i am not superstar! i am superman!

and of course, i burst out loud when hearing that from him spontaneously. funny lah seh!! the fact that he is only 2 yrs old mind you!!!

anyways, of course, as you can see now, i love kids. especially boys. lol. they are so adorable……

ok2. seriously, i have yet to decide where to go after getting my a results. i thought of retaking but now, i think its impossible for me to study for it coz even when i am in school, i am such a lazy bum hah. i thought of applying SIM or any local unis here. but i think i am not ready for uni level. there are many things to be considered. to be brushed on. i am considering courses in kaplan. its a private institution offering from diplomas, to bachelors, masters and even doctoral. so i thought of taking some diploma. which i really am considering right now is the human resource management or financial management. something like that. maybe. so yeah. hopefully, i think it over fast and hopefully the fees are ehem… are reasonable. 10months of studying and then exams. good one i suppose. oh, and, its a part-time one u noe. so yeah.

well well. sm is still in his homeland and of course, without him here i dont hang out anywhere after work. even my sunday(today) was spent at home. i am bored to death so to you my dear, please come back now or else i die out of boredom here! grr.

and and. dad’s birthday is coming pretty soon. 17th march. and of course, mine is too! haha. so people, dont forget my birthday k?? nothing much la u can buy for me. just get sm here by my side and i am very touched already! hahahaha. buy for me a flight ticket from kuching to singapore just for sm to be here by 28th march?????? *winks*

haha. ok thats all for now. maybe i’ll post pictures in my next post.

and oh gosh. i cant have my ‘school holidays’ tomorrow as well as friday. have to come back to school to finish the unfinished work and send it to teacher liti by friday. ergh. lucky i dont have much marking to do. haha.

ok bye ppl. take care!


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