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busy lah ehk.

salam to all….

oh i so miss blogging like hell. ok i dun have time actually but since i dun really in my mood to do my research, i start blogging first.

work has been, tiring. and hard. and complicated. and stressful. and full of tension. and all la. ironically, i am excited to come back to work tomorrow. why? oh of course, my arienah n haqimi are the magnetic object in the school.hah. well well. i have so much burden on me. i am alone now. i am the only mudarrisah there. and i have to be in-charge of everything related to arabic and malay.(all the ECs, K1s and K2s.)(and of course, all the exhibition needs to be translated to arabic and malay since they now have a mudarrisah here-me)

see? and they dont pity me at all. i am not even a month old there. and yesterday i received a msg.

‘hello. i need u to look into our mind map and outline for the september fun blazing lessons and activities. do some moral education. attach relevance to hadith. by monday.’

upon reading, i swore like hell. wth kn? what the hell is fun blazing? what the hell are lessons and activities on september? what the hell is ‘some’ moral education? attach what relevance to hadith? and WHAT? monday??????????

or maybe they forgot. i come to work only since 9 march. before that, no, i did not attend your previous meetings to know what the hell are u talking about in the sms. geram sehhhhhhhhhhh.

k fine. super angry. but well, die die must do something what… i wont give up so easily lah.. heh.

and and. my superman is flying back here in april the 20. yey! my StrongMan. SM. yey yey yey.

oh by the way. i went to practical just now after a month plus not driving. so awkward,. but the instructor said he was glad that i dun forget things like lane discipline because he expected me to forget that, and didnt expect me to remember those circuit coursess…… heh. to be frank, i just shoot. lol.

okla. need to do my research now. bye people. wish me luck.


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