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28th of march

27th march.

i was restless. but due to long working hours i slept right after reaching home. was not in good terms with sm. so i slept around 10plus at night.

0126 hours, 28th march. i woke up and looked at my phone to see what time it was. and surprisingly, its 1:26am in the morning, the exact moment i came out from my mother’s womb for 7 months. the exact moment, 20 years ago. i cant sleep. it was scary. waking up at that time. reached out to the sudoku book ipah gave me last time and purposely tried solving the hard one. and of course, i fell asleep while that. hah.

bro woke me up in the morning and mum wished me first. i thanked her and dad asked me, “nari nk blanje mkn eh?”

well i dont have much. so i keep quiet. went to work. colleagues dont even know its my birthday, coz i want this year to be a low profile birthday. 20 seh. so kept mum till work ends and went back to ayu’s place. as soon as i open the door, ayu sang me a birthday song which well, rather embarassing coz i am 20 but i greatly appreciated it. soon, we decided to catch a movie and off we go to vivo city.

the queue was very long so i brave up and asked a group of juniors from irsyad to buy for me 3 tickets for ‘coming soon’. well, tk tahu malu lah kate kn. so yeah.which after that the tickets were sold out. see? hah. (and the next show is at night, 9:55pm. sape yg nk tgk)

we lied to mum that its a funny story but we told her the truth after we ate at banquet. and she freaked out. hah. we kinda dragged her into the cinema. heh. and so, she went. it was quite scary, though i find most of the parts hilarious. unexpected some times. but i dont know if it was worth my $30.

oh and and, before we ate, mum asked ayu about mp3 and asked me whether i want like hers. and of course, i smiled widely and said yes i want. hahha. so i got a bday prezzie,. samsung s3 music player. cool. its pink in colour. i like i like!!!!

then after movie we fetched ayu’s mum at dover and off to al-azhar eating place for our dinner. i had fish and chips. okla. 6/10. worth if you are really hungry but dont ever dare to order it if you have had your late lunch before that.

and after that, we went home…..

a rather low-profile birthday this year. but its great when i spent it with my loved ones. and sm, you owe me a bday present k. yeah i know u bought it like last 2 weeks already but i have not seen it so that means you owe me one. haahha. and have i told u this? that i love you. hee.

and of course, i love my dearest family. every second spent is very meaningful.

thank You Allah for everything. =)

Happy 20th birthday to me.


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