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life full of shit.

like broken glasses, my heart is now broken. for whatever reason i dont want to know. i just hate you the most now. ‘perasaan benci tu selalu datang dari kasih yang terlampau.’

now i know, the truth. i couldnt face it. and now, terabe-rabe carik Pencipta Yang Maha Esa. how am i going to go through this. tears cant stop dropping.. how dare you. how dare you did that. i just couldnt bear it and asked for a break-up…

i hate you. i hate you. i hate you. i really do. i hate myself for trusting you. i hate myself for loving you, i hate you.

now what am i going to do.?


April 4, 2009 - Posted by | 1

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  1. what u’re gonna do?

    relax. take a break first. cool down. think it again in few days time k. u know. people make mistakes. so u know how to get me ya. 😀

    Comment by Luklu | April 5, 2009 | Reply

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