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bestest day.

i had a great day yesterday for all i know. haha.

guess what? of all places, i followd my mum to karaoke box with all her ‘anak angkat’. or so i called it the mat malaysia. haha.. had the best moments. and of course, sm tagged along as sm is also mum’s anak angkat. heh. so anyways, we didnt know that we lost till ayu told me, that she was also unsure of where the place is. haha. we asked people for the way and they asked to take shortcuts which requires us to walk through a smelly alley, and a BAR. like seriously, wild sey aku masok bar ngn mak aku. lol. i have never ever went into a bar my whole life. hehe.

so finally, ayu was already sure and lead us. oh btw, ayu was the leader lah kn. haha. there were 10 of us. ayu, mum, cik as and me. sm who is jo, ipin, fatihi, hairi, zamry and boy.

the real superstar was hairi. he sang quite a number of song.. and he got a good voice too. zamry was not so bad either. ayu? of course la. dah biase karoke per… at the beginning hairi, zamry and boy sang out loud. enjoy deh.. then everyone start. fat and sm and ipin joined the fun with their disastrous voices. lol. sm, u cant sing la!!! hee. then i joined. like finally, i karaoke-d seyy. tk pernah2 aku nak. tibe2 jer.

okla. 2.5 hours later… me and ayu sang all the english songs. britneyy. lol. sang my favourite song as a girl. LUCKY. stronger. hit me baby one more time. oops i did it again. hehehehe. i was high. lol. i grew up with britney spear’s songs okayyy. cant blame me. then ayu sang the last song for the night. ‘everything i do, i do it for you’. very romantic song.

so… finally, we finished the 3 hours session of karaoke and went back together with mum, ayu, jo a.k.a sm, ipin and fat to the mrt. and.. abg fetched us at dover mrt. and we went back jb.

now ayu is here. playing the playstation 3 non-stop. hah. main lah kau puas2. she loves the guitar, i assume. hehe. okla. sm is fishing at sembawang. grr. too bad i am at jb. ok bye for now.


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